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Empathic Civilization

empathic civilization
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There are times when I really consider going back to school. I find myself reflecting on philosophy, history and culture and have to admit to myself that I would be happy in the world of academia. Unfortunately, philosophers and historians have a hard time paying the bills so for now, I’m happy traveling the world and experiencing the cultures I had found myself daydreaming about.

At 4:30am one Sunday morning I stumbled upon a video on You Tube discussing the “Empathic Civilization”, or expanding our horizons and understandings of each other in regards to the global community. While this concept may seem far-fetched to people who are stuck in the war-mongering, ideological state that many people find themselves in, I could not help but see striking similarities between this concept and the reasons many of us travel.

Most of us want to know that we are all on this planet together, for the same purpose, regardless of nationality, race, gender, etc. I travel to keep my faith in humanity, a reason I cite on Why Travel Now?. In this time of increasing chaos, violence, and intolerance, we show our solidarity with our fellow mankind.

As travelers, we find ourselves on a conquest for a more empathic civilization.

Here is the video that discusses the phenomenon. For those of you who are into TED, it is quite the interesting lecture:

What do you think? Do you feel like you are an ambassador for the global community?

10 thoughts on “Empathic Civilization”

  1. After reading your post, I think you’re really fortunate for actually having the courage to travel because you know, you can go back to school anytime and get to live life through books, which has its own beauty part, don’t get me wrong, but believe me, actually going to those places you read/day-dream about it’s like writing or reading while walking, so to speak:) So, I say congrats for doing this. Keep it up;)

    1. @TCH: Thank you for your kind words! It is terrifying knowing we’re about to leave everything behind but I keep getting a feeling that it will all be worth it. 🙂

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