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Happy Halloween 2010!

halloween video
Our pumpkin for this year!

Happy Halloween (and we bring you an AWESOME Halloween video!)!

This is our most favorite holiday of the year and we thought we should bring it in by introducing our first ever video featured on Over Yonderlust. I know I talk on Twitter about my awesome new pedicabbing job, however I thought I would bring some Austin culture into your computer room while simultaneously showing you how awesome Austin is and what pedicabbing is like. Here is our Halloween video. <3


Please note that while I know I have a film degree, I had to use crappy Windows Movie Maker at 5:ooam. Software is expensive! I apologize about the crappy cuts. 😛

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2010!”

  1. Wow – Austin looks like a lot of fun! I was there once but got really sick so I didn’t get to really experience it 🙁 It looks really cool though. 🙂

    1. @Heather: If I wasn’t working I’m sure I could have collected much more video of costumes but then I wouldn’t have run into the awesome travel show guys. 😛

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