Road Trip 2012

On the Road Again…

Road Trip 2012

This is what happens when you make 2 travelers stationary for a while – you make them flee ASAP.

*humming* “On the road again…”

And by that, we’re doing a road trip folks! And by “we” I mean mainly me.. oh and Diana from D Travels ‘Round. Yes. It is going to be amazingly awesome.

Shaun and I will be leaving June 14th to head up to Keystone, Colorado for the Travel Blog Exchange Conference (17 hours each way – “YIPEE”) in which Shaun will be driving back to Austin on Sunday/Monday (hey, the man needs to make the monies at Bioware by Tuesday) and I’m heading off into the oblivion with Diana.

Oh, and have I mentioned we have never met in person? While I’m sure we will get along great, this definitely adds to the excitement of the ordeal.

Also, somehow we decided to add Omaha to our places to visit. We’re going to make it awesome, alright? Then we’re making our way to the Windy City – Chicago (in which I plan on living it up for the first time since the last time I was only there to shoot a short film and I got to see little to nothing), making a scene at Churchill Downs (I mean, who DOESN’T want to see a heavily tattooed girl donning a fascinator), hitting up DC, and sailing on a boat! I’m sure Shaun is relieved he is missing the boat part due to his seasickness.

And best of all, we’re covering it all on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blog posts. Make sure to follow us with the hashtag #winosontheroad.

Wish us luck – you never know how crazy things are going to get…

And here is the golden question – which one of us is Thelma and Louise? :X

30 thoughts on “On the Road Again…”

    1. Oh man! I wish I knew as well – we could have saved on some gas and Shaun is driving home alone. :X I didn’t know you were so close.

  1. So while you’re in KY, you’re detouring to TN to see me, right? RIGHT?

    And funny enough, Diana and I had never met IRL until she flew out to California to see me and spend a weekend in a B&B with Abby and me. It was a blast, too! =)

  2. Have FUN! Road tripping may be my favorite way to travel. And yay Churchill Downs! Be sure to check out the Kentucky Derby Museum – it’s actually really cool!

  3. Hopefully neither of you will be Thelma or Louise, we’d all like to see you make it out alive on the other end! Have a fun trip!

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