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Stay Creative, My Friends

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If you guys read my post about the Regional Burning Man event here in Texas that we attended, then I’m sure that you can gather that the Burner community is incredibly near and dear to me. Not only did they save me from the rock bottom depressive state I was in but sparked something in me that I hadn’t seen in a few years – artistic creativity (apart from the blog). I picked up my paintbrushes again after they gathered dust for more than 4 years.

There were so many words of wisdom that were said over that weekend. Surround yourself with art and artistic people. Strive to live the artist life you want.

Call yourself an artist.

And it has been working. I’ve managed 3 paintings in the past month, I’ve approached my camera with more fervor, and most of all… I’ve been happy.

Cirque Us Austin-14Cirque Us Austin-13

So I’ve been surrounding myself with these inspiring people. These are some of the only people I know that I can talk travel with and seem genuinely interested. They have turned into my rock.

We found ourselves at a monthly-ish celebration at Zilker Park at a party known as Cirque Us Austin – a gathering of DJs, hoopers, firedancers, flow wand….ers, fan dancers, and yoga acrobats. It is a gathering of making art with your body. And best of all? It is a work out. I’m simultaneously filling my artist need with a hell of a workout with my hoop. It was like a massive workshop. People weren’t afraid to ask questions or teach.

Cirque Us Austin-7 stay creativeCirque Us Austin-5Cirque Us Austin-11Cirque Us Austin-10Cirque Us Austin-18 poi

It made me smile.

I have a renewed passion for mastering my hoop now. Since I have gotten back to Austin I’ve learned a couple of new tricks, gotten my fair share of bruises and blisters, and am continuing to work on it (when it isn’t a gazillion degrees outside).

My new inspiration?


Cirque Us Austin-37

LED Moodhoops. They change patterns while you use them creating awesome things from hearts, stars, geometric patterns and even… SPACE INVADERS. But considering they cost somewhere around $300, I’m going to have to be Superwoman with my hoop before considering that purchase.

Cirque Us Austin-23 stay creative

Cirque Us Austin-33 hooping

Cirque Us Austin-35 poi

But it is something to strive towards, right? If there is something that I’ve learned over my traveling years is that in order for me to stay sane, I must stay goal oriented.
So make sure to stick around. I’m sure at some point I’ll post a video of my hooping… one day. 😛

What makes you tick? What makes you inspired? How do you stay creative?

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  1. This is an interesting piece because I was just thinking about all the friends I have who recently have been concerned over feeling a little stuck, creatively. Shawn is really good about recognizing when he needs a creative spark from elsewhere. Usually that means going to see live music for us. Not that either of us are musicians, but for some reason, seeing people perform their art helps us both feel a little creatively renewed.

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