Cali, Colombia
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Texture in Cali, Colombia – Photo of the Day

As I was flipping through all of my old pictures I realized that I never got the opportunity to post this amazing HDR picture from Cali, Colombia. One of my favorite things about Cali is the colors and textures you can find while just walking around the city. That – and I admit – I’m obsessed with architecture with texture. Old, new, peeling paint, splintered wood, carved archways – you name it, I’m in love.

This does bring back quite a bit of nostalgia as we were taking salsa dancing lessons in Cali and would spend our afternoons getting lost or hanging out at a nearby skatepark (which I got to meet to Cali rollerderby girls!). A quick snack of a papa rellena (stuffed potato) and a “Mexican” coke and we would resume our meanderings.

Do you go through old pictures? What kind of memories do your pictures bring up?



Happy 4th of July!

Shaun and I will be stuffing massive amounts of BBQ into our pie holes today (we ARE in Texas). I hope you guys are celebrating in a similar manner! Be safe and have fun.

Cali, Colombia

10 thoughts on “Texture in Cali, Colombia – Photo of the Day”

  1. This one (of the many) things I love about Colombia too. It’s nice to see that not everything gets torn down as soon it’s deemed past it’s sell-by-date. Great photo and hope you guys enjoy your celebrations!

  2. I just spent my fourth consecutive Fourth of July abroad. Yay for traveling so much, but I actually miss that holiday! Maybe next year…

  3. Wow! lovely picture there! Talking about old photos.. yes I do have the habit of flipping through old pictures as well. I love clicking faces- unknown faces, known faces, strange faces, faces with or without an agenda! I believe I can map an entire contour of the land on those faces. A little imaginative but I simply love seeing a place through its faces!

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